Center Against #Cyber Bullying (CACB) is an organization which aims to educate all relevant stakeholders in the education ecosystem about the huge challenges that cyber bullying as a phenomenon presents, be it students, youth, parents, teachers, schools, colleges and universities on online safety and further seeks to impart education in this regard to #cyberspace users and netizens.

Schools today are facing huge problems pertaining to misuse of communication devices and #computers by students. Despite large number of schools having rules and policies that prohibit the use of #computers and other #cyber technologies at school to bully or harass others, the reality is that large numbers of school students today are carrying #electronic devices and the communication mechanisms to schools. #Social media access through mobile phones has really given a new paradigm shift vis-à-vis misuse of technology by students is concerned.

Center against #Cyber Bullying (CACB) is a first prevention program in India addressing the phenomenon of #cyber bullying problems.

“Center Against Cyber Bullying” is a platform aimed at providing enabling legal support in matters pertaining to cyber bullying