“Nine out of 10 children and most adults don’t know that their actions are punishable under the law. It is imperative that children be counselled and informed about the legal ramifications of such actions. Cyber bullying, unwarranted comments, messages and electronic messages which are defamatory in nature — something as simple as calling somebody a fool of can land you in court.”

Source: The Times of India

“harassment on social networking sites is emerging as one of the biggest problems in the online world. Six out of 10 people aren’t aware of what constitutes a cyber crime. As a result they aren’t reported. Neither the victims nor the abusers know what is an offence.”

Source: Information Systems Research blog

“The major reason behind this cyber bullying   is to blame the target, release out hatred, anger or frustration….

Cyber bullying happens through online game when a better player harasses other players by charging with comments or manipulates the game.”

Source: Studymode

“Creating a false electronic record is an offence under the Information Technology Act and the Indian Penal Code. Under Section 465, the offence would attract punishment up to two years’ imprisonment and if the account so opened is used for the purpose of cheating, it would be punishable with a maximum of seven years’ imprisonment”

Source: think digit

“IT Act 2000 has to be re-amended to specific provisions pertaining to cyber bullying. Further, cyber bullying needs to be made a serious offence with minimum five years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10 lakh. Unless you have deterrence in law it will be a continuing offence.”

Source: Business Line-The Hindu

“The IT Act, 2000, is primarily meant to be a legislation to promote e-commerce. It is not very effective in dealing with several emerging cybercrimes like cyber harassment, defamation, stalking and so on.”

Source: Silicon India Women City

“Children these days have such easy access to the net and phone. You see every other child having a mobile phone through which they can access the Net, making them easy preys. But because of the fear of social stigma, children often keep quiet about the bullying. Only when the problem gets very serious do they confide in their parents or peers. And when it comes to that, most of the times parents do not want to take any legal action. So, 90% of such cases go unreported.”

Source: The Times of India

“Cyber-bullying is not technically covered under the IT Act 2000. There are, however, proposed amendments to get the issue as a penal offence. On a personal level, children need to be taught good hygiene habits, made aware of cyberbullying and told to report any such case to school and police authorities.”

Source: Ahmedabad times, The Times of India

“These issues not only relate to data protection and privacy. They also relate to the issue of jurisdiction and ownership, storage, retention and transmission of user-generated content. Do we have the right to be anonymous? Do we have a right to oblivion? Can there be a right to delete in the context of social media? Is there a right of purging children-generated content? Can there be a right to forget and to forgive in the context of information? We also discussed how the deadly cocktail mix of social media and cloud computing is venturing us into a wild, wild west as far as jurisprudential rules and principles are concerned. Which country, what data, which server, which law would apply, which would be effective remedy, which would be the relevant court and how would the ultimate adjudication be done?”

Source: Imagining the internet, IGF 2009

“In India, parents are wary about reporting to the police about online abuse because they fear harassment. Also, our legal system is inadequately equipped to deal with incidences of cyber stalking. Online inflammatory messages amounting to enmity were recognised as a criminal offence only on October 27, 2009, when Amendment 66(A) was made to the Information Technology Act. Though the amendment does not directly tackle instances of web-bullying, its inclusion offers some hope.”

Source: The Times of India

“IT Act 2000 has to be re-amended to specific provisions pertaining to cyber bullying. Further, cyber bullying needs to be made a serious offence with minimum five years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10 lakh. Unless you have deterrence in law it will be a continuing offence.”

Source: The Centre for Information Security

“Currently there are no laws in India pertaining to cyberbullying,” says cyber law expert and Supreme Court advocate Pawan Duggal. “It is indeed correct that there have been reports of a couple of suicides having been committed by individuals due to cyberbullying. Cyberbulling is also taking serious roots in India. This is also so given the pent-up tendency amongst people in this part of the world to give vent to their suppressed feelings.”

Source: CIOL

“Today’s cyber security to children in the context of the law is completely crippled. Children’s safety is not the purpose of the law, nor any specific provision in this regard. I think India’s information technology law needs to be revised immediately. Cyber ​​Security for children under 18 years require specific provisions.”

Source: BBC News

“There has been a tremendous rise in cases of cyber-bullying and stalking but very few cases are reported.”

Source: Financial Chronicles

“One of the reasons why we are seeing a rise in stalking is that the abusers know that they will get away with it. We need strong laws to curb such crimes. However, cyber bullying is punishable under Section 66 A of the IT Act,”

Source: The Asian Age

“You need to have a mix and match addressing specific offenses but also taking into account new technologies and cybercrimes”

Source: redorbit.com

“The IT Act has not at all been effective in checking cyber crime. In fact, it is a toothless wonder in the fight against cyber crime”

Source: cyberlawtimes.com

“A historical mistake was made when the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008, made almost all cyber crimes, barring a couple, bailable offences. The focus is more on enhancing the quantum of civil liability and reducing the quantum of punishment, which explains the reason why the number of cyber crime convictions in the country is in single digits,”

Source: cyberlawtimes.com

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